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Captured Image not in right place

Question asked by -tim- on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Suraj

Hey ADI,

as i get a solution for one problem yersterday (look here), today there is a new one.

i´m using the ADSP BF609 EZ-Board 1.0 with BF609 silicon 0.1 and with camera EI3 extender board for a MT9V024IA7XTMH ES (mono) aptina headboard. But without display.

i´ve got a problem capturing the image (See the attached pictures) Image1 is the first captured image and image2 is everything coming after number one. These borders within the image changes sometimes its more left or right or elsewhere.


Just for info:

To get the pictures i make a memorydump save it as *.txt file and then open it with imageJ as textimage.

Ok, memorydump is a linear buffer, so before imageJ can open it, i have to form it in 2D-buffer.


Is there something wrong with synchronisation?

I also attached my project files.







I hope someone can help me.

Regards Tim