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Open Source Tools to SHARC

Question asked by crudo on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by CraigG

Hello everybody.


Recently, I'm trying put the old g21k to work with the new devices SHARCs (ADSP-21364 in my case). I don't know if it will work fine with the new device, I hope so. But I might note that for the linker run it need of the "libc.a". After hours and hours googling, I could not find a Open Source C Library to SHARC devices. There is any?


Other question is about a tool (open source) to download the application on SHARC, a loader.


How I can put the SHARC to work without the VisualDSP++?


Why everyone left the g21k compiler? Why nobody use open source tools to SHARC development?


I know that the VisualDSP++ is a POWERFULL tool, but not is open source.


Thank in advanced by any collaboration.