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EVAL-AD2S1210 + EVAL CED1Z : no Excitation Signal

Question asked by EmmanuelMF on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by EmmanuelMF

Hi everyone !


     My name is Emmanuel and my company is currently realizing a project which involve the use of your EVAL-AD2S1210 board (Variable Resolution 10-Bit to 16-Bit R-D Converter with Reference Oscillator),  coupled with the EVAL_CED1Z board; a system interacting with a Resolver (a Rotating transformer, used to recover position and speed from engines).

Our system is for the moment not linked to the resolver yet as we are trying to generate an excitation out from the EVAL-AD2S1210.


All jumpers are set as when EVAL-AD2S1210 is packaged (p.5 of the datasheet )


Unfortunately, we’re not able to get this excitation. In fact, when observing signals (Excitation signal and its complement on test points), we only can observe continuous voltage.


When using the AD2S1210 Evaluation Software, available on your website, and entering in the “Register” tab, we modify Excitation Frequency value (or even other value as we tried to understand our problem) , but when leaving the window and coming back values are back to 0. Is it normal ?


Do you have any idea about our problem