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ADIS16265 power supply and temperature dependence

Question asked by boksi on May 25, 2014


I have some questions regarding power supply and temp calibration of ADIS16265.

In datasheet is stated :


Voltage Sensitivity  VCC = 4.75 V to 5.25 V                 0.5  °/sec/V


If I have perfect power supply which give exactly 5 V. And gyro is powered up and we measure output.

Suddenly voltage drops to 4.5V . So we will have error in angular velocity from gyro output (angular velocity) of  0.25  °/sec .

Can we calibrate it? Measure voltage, measure angular rate, calculating error and add or subtract from gyro angular velocity output.


Same question I have for temperature calibration.

As stated in datasheet :


Temperature Coefficient     ADIS16265                   0.005  °/sec/°C


Can we measure temperature, measure angular rate and calculate true angular rate?


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