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Question asked by -tim- on May 23, 2014
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i´m using the ADSP BF609 EZ-Board 1.0 with BF609 silicon 0.1 and with Camera EI3 extender Board for a MT9V024IA7XTMH ES (mono) aptina Headboard. But without Display.


If you run the example until the point where you get the Pointer pFilledFrame, pointing to the picture I want to to something with, like

adi_Bayer2RGBBilinear(), then you can see that the memory continues updating with EPPI-Data.

There is:




If i understand right, there shouln´t be any change in memory after this function.

But if you go row by row from SubmitEmptyVideoFrame() to Bayer2RGBBilinear() there is a change in picture data.


Can somebody explain it to me?


I attached the project files. I don´t have a display so i commented some code out.


Regards Tim