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JTAG Pin Header Connections

Question asked by gopakumar on Aug 18, 2010
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We have designed a custom board based on ADSP 21469  processor. We have followed the guidelines in EE-68 document.

When  I try to connect to the processor via the IDDE, I get an error saying  that

"Unable to halt processor. JTAG connection failed. You may need  to exit  the debugger and reset the target HW to correct this problem."

A message box is also displayed showing an error id 0x80048042.


Also, the ICE Test utility successfully completes with no errors.


What  could be the issue?

Could somebody  guide me which are the signals that should be probed and tested so that  we can identify the issue?

Could this be due to the problem caused by some other pins on the dsp?


We also checked the  Ez-Kit schematics. In the Ez-Kit schematic, Pin 1 of the header is  Pulled-Up where as in EE-68 Pin 1 is recommended to be connected to  ground.

We have connected Pin 1 to ground. Could this be the issue?


Also, what should be be the state of the RESET pin for proper working of the dsp or starting a proper JTAG connection via the IDDE?