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Stand alone audio processor with 16x2 LCD ?

Question asked by samba-guy on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by mtripoli



I've seen ADAU1452 can be SPI and I2C master, it can drive GPIOs and do self boot from EEPROM, besides it has lots of memory and can implement State Machines with SigmaStudio 3.10.4.


I'd like to use a combination of that resources to build a stand alone audio processor which could drive a 16x2 LCD, free from other MCU, using SigmaStudio as the only tool (this is my main target)


To do so I need a way to transfer screens (32-byte buffer plus some command bytes) to a SPI or I2C or parallel mapped LCD while user select buttons and scroll a encoder.


Is that possible already or is it in the tool roadmap ?