New SigmaStudio 3.2.0 beta version available

Discussion created by JeradL on Aug 17, 2010
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There is a new beta, version 3.2, of SigmaStudio available on the software's download page. This version should not be used for production designs, but rather to preview bug fixes and new features that will be available in the next release. Please feel free to download this version and report any bugs (or things you like!) in the thread below.


The release information for this version includes:


Enhancements in SigmaStudio 3.2.0

  • SigmaStudio opens faster due to code optimization.
  • TreeToolBox now displays Algorithm Description.
  • New Standard Peaking Dynamics Processors.
  • New Standard Independent Channel Linked/Unlinked Dynamics Processors.
  • Added the following new algorithms/modules
    • Voice Activity Detector (VAD) Standard (ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU178x)
    • Voice Activity Detector (VAD) With Acceleration (ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU178x)
    • Endless Loop Chime (AD1940, ADAU170x, ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU178x)
  • SigmaStudio A/B comparison download time enhanced.
  • Implementation of CRC and Watchdog for ADAU144x.


SigmaStudio 3.2.0 Major Bug Fixes

  • Label position bug on save/open fixed.
  • Addins Browser Installer error message upon adding a valid Dll fixed.
  • Chime time/frequency controls now update the algorithm slope.
  • Changed the Chime min and max time.
  • Compressor  Graph UI serialization on first point fixed.
  • GUI add/remove drag-point errors were fixed for all chime and envelope algorithms. Misbehavior of the points was      also fixed.
  • TreeToolBox “Unclassified” Folder with multiple listings issue was corrected.
  • Parametric EQ
    • Additional Filter bug upon modifying X-min axis fixed.
    • SpinText color upon bug on enable/disable fixed.
  • Dejitter window register bug fixed for ADAU1381, ADAU 178x and ADAU1x61
  • Standard Independent RMS Dynamics Processor Algorithm:
    • Attack and Release controls now are updating its value every time they get modified.
    • Compression Visualization issue fixed.
  • Mono MUX No Slew: Changed the algorithm numbering system to avoid duplicate addresses.
  • Sequencer Window Export Files: Exports files with the right number of address bytes for ICs that have address bytes different than two.