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EPPI Splitting Luminence and Chrominance with 2 DMA channel mode

Question asked by Rudstone on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by CraigG

I have a camera attached to a BF609 EPPI, and all is working well at the moment using the ADI EPPI driver in 16 bit mode.


I'd like to use the SplitOddEven mode with 2 DMA channels to split the Y and Cr components into the memory buffer to produce a YUV Planar format not the interleaved format that is currently received.


The ADI_EPPI driver has a function adi_eppi_SetDMAConfig to setup the 2 DMA channel operation, buffer pointers and complete flags in the Device structure to handle the 2nd DMA and even a callback function for the 2nd pdma channel.  However it does not appear to Open the 2nd DMA channel or setup any data transfers.  If I setup 2DMA mode and Split mode I unsuprisingly get CFIFOERRORS in the EPPI_STAT register.


I'm assuming that I'll have to extend the driver to operate in 2DMA mode unless anyone has already done this and is willing to share an updated driver.


If an updated EPPI driver is not available is there and sample source code that uses an EPPI in 2 channel DMA mode that I could use as a reference.


Thanks in advance.