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ADV7511 color problem when configured through I2C bus

Question asked by handless on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by GuenterL

We want to use ADV7511 to diaplay a blackwhite pattern.  This is a design based on Xilinx K7 325T. We can successfully get the display working with the reference design code using Micorblze controllor. However we have difficulty to integrate it with other part of the design in Microblaze. Then we decide to do the following:


1. First use the Microblzed based code to get the display working properly;

2. Write a I2C FPGA code to read out all the 256 registers and record their value;

3. Use the same register value we got from step 2 and write it to ADV7511 through I2C only;


In step 1 we can get a the correct pattern, but on step3 we can only get a redish pattern. We thought as long as the register value is right. No matter using Micorblaze or I2C. The results should be the same.


What happened?


We do read from 1st to all 256 registers in sequence and write back in the same sequence. Is there any rule that some register be written before others?


What could be the possible reason?


We generate a YCbCr output and do No CSC in the ADV7511.


thanks a lot.