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HDMI ceritification failure of ADV7611 in condition of 180mV data swing

Question asked by Employee on May 23, 2014
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My customer has experienced a failure during HDMI certification test.

All test items are passed except Test ID 8-5: TMDS – Min/Max Differential Swing Tolerance.

The line count is detected zero when 150mVpp TMDS data swing was applied to ADV7611.

The resolution is 720p, and the detail test information is attached.


    Test ID 8-5: TMDS – Min/Max Differential Swing Tolerance

ü  Reference [HDMI: Table 4-27]: Sink AC Input Characteristics at TP2

ü  Requirement : Minimum differential sensitivity (peak-to-peak) is 150mV.


One documents is the HDMI certification test specification relate to failed test item, and the other is register setup.


Please advise me to resolve this issue.


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Steven Yang