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AD7195: Continuous conversion mode

Question asked by Ahygoon on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by ChrisD.Rama


One more question about AD7195.


First A problem I have.

I configure the registeer (Mode CONFIG,...) and start the measure in continuous read mode (send 0x5C). In this mode I don't need to send any command to the AD7195, just send the SPI clock (I use SPI communication) and read the 3 bytes of data (I don't use Status register )

That works well.

ThenI want to change the measurement configuration. I send first 0x58 to stop the ocntinuous read mode, then I try to re-configure the mode register. But it doesn't work, reading back the mode register give 0xFF 0x FF 0xFF.


Question 1: Is my process OK for continuous read?


Another solution is to use the continuous conversion mode. In page 30 of the specification of the AD7195 (Rev.0) we have a chapter concerning this mode.

What do you mean with "However, the user must ensure that the data register is not being accessed at the completion of the next conversion or else the new conversion word is lost."