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How to carry out "level detector" with host controller of MCU but not sigma studio?

Question asked by liangbread on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by JJoseph

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     It's very easy to realize detecting the level of audio input with the "level detector" module in sigma studio.Enabling the "level detector" module in sigma,I have tracing the program flow and find the application in CCES sending back the "read back value" to sigma studio.Even though I do know clearly the functionality of "level detector" module of sigma studio,I still have no idea about how the sigma studio deal with those "read back value"from the sharc processor.

    What formula should be taken to calculate the "dB" value from the "read back value"?What method should the MCU take to get the final "dB" value as needed?


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