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MEMS performance specification and validation

Question asked by 1vR on May 22, 2014
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I send the following questions to analog technical support an I was redirected here. Hope you can help me!


"I'm doing a bachelor degree study on MEMS performance specification and validation. I have a few questions considering your products:



-How do you define the typical values? For example ADXL350 has ±0.24 mg/C typical 0 g Offset vs temperature (Z-axis). What are the sigma variation limits for typical values or is there any? ±1 sigma perhaps?


-Do all the MIN/MAX specifications represent a mean ±3sigma distribution? (you mention it only for 0g offset vs temp min/max values)


-Is nonlinearity value calculated from bestfit straight line or endpoint-fit line?



-Again, how are the typical values calculated and what population do they represent? For example ADXRS450 has sensitivity tolerance of ±3% but there's no mention of the variation limits.


-Does the sensitivity tolerance include lifetime drift and calibration errors, or temperature error only?



Wow, kind of a lot of questions after all.. Hope you can answer them soon and precisely


Thanks in advance!


Br, Iivari Heikkilä"