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Problems with DC Blocker for ADAU1452 in SigmaStudio 3.10.4

Question asked by Robin on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by jmccarty

Hi there,


obviously there's a problem with the DC Blocking Filter for the ADAU1452 in the latest revision 3.10.4.

If I only use one single DC Blocking filter for one channel in a project, everything's fine.

As soon as I add an algorithm to the existing DC Blocker or use a second DC Blocker somewhere else I get an error message when compiling the project:


"Variable 'sig_in_zm1' is already defined in this scope, previous definition at line 628 (650,0)"


This only seem to affect the ADAU1452 - I tried it in combination with ADAU1701 and ADAU144x and here's no problem at all.


Can you check this?