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Configuring ADV7281-M for CVBS Ain1

Question asked by kumarn on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by larsc

I have downloaded driver for adv7281-m from

& currenty using it for configuring CVBS Ain1.


Iam verifying the decoding status of the chip by referring to status registers STATUS 1 Status 1[7:0], Address 0x10[7:0] ;STATUS 2 Status 2[7:0], Address 0x12[7:0] ; & STATUS 3 Status 3[7:0], Address 0x13[7:0]  I looking into status1 regisster bit 0 to confirm whether its decoding properly or not.Is this correct?


However I found that even before init_device() is called teh bit is set to 1(implies IN LOCK) & just before probe is returned the staus bit is set to 1

1)Following is the status register dump jsut before returning from adv7180_probe() when the driver is run as it is.

     status1=0xd status2=0x0 status3=0x69

When I probed MIPI output, I could not find the MIPI data & clock being generated.Why is it so?



What is the default configuration that the driver supports,is it CVBS Ain1?

How do I configure ADV7281-M for CVBS auto detect AIn1 during initialization?Iam doing it like this:just before returning from adv7180_probe() invoke  I2C writes as provided in the scripts.

DOing so captured the status register dump as shown below:

status1=0x4b status2=0x0 status3=0x2d

Is this OK?Does it create any issue when the call backs are invoked?for eg:changing the input using adv7180_s_routing, etc.?