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calibrating ADE7753

Question asked by royh on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by dlath

Hi All


I'm new to this so apologies for the possible "stupid question". I have had a monitoring device designed/built by a prototyping company who have now passed the project back to me as their brains of the organisation left the company. I have a completed device and have it working but the readings of the device are of course not accurate as the ADE7753 has not been set up/ calibrated. I have the circuit diagram (below) which is connected to a sierra wireless device for the comms.

Question is how can I connect to the ADE7753, (was hoping it was UART interface but am not sure that this is connected to the ADE) and once I have done that is there a program that I can run/ install that will calibrate the device. I have a accurate Voltage and Current source but have no idea of how I can get this to the ADE!!!


any help would be really appreciated :-)



metering diagram.JPG