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FMCOMMS2 and Linux-OS problems with zedboard SDR-Tutorial

Question asked by Quamstar on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Quamstar

Hey Folks,


actually i trying to do the Speedway-Tutorial from zedboard:

Actually i done the Matlab-Part succesfully and trying to implement the HDL-Design into the actual design by Analog Devices (


I use the Sultion for this Lab of this tutorial and generate the BOOT.bin file with the fsbl and ssbl (u-boot.elf) from the design of AD (in the subdirectory zynq_zed-adv7511-ad9361). When i power on the zedboard, the FPGA download the Bitstream and you can see that the fsbl works and the linux starts to boot. But later on, there are some mistakes and undefined symbols. You can read the complete Log in the attached file.


I guess there are some issues with the Kernel, because the last readable message is: Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init!


I hope you can help me


Kindly regards