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ADXL345 Writing problems

Question asked by GuillaumeT on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by neilzhao



I'm using a pic24 from microchip and the adxl345 with SPI.


On my SPI bus I have a flash memory and the ADXL. The flash memory works well.


I'm facing a problem when I want to write to the registers of  the ADXL.


On the ADXL I can read the Device ID, the Baudrate, interrupt sources without any problems.


But when I want to write to the POWER_CTL register, obviously it's not the right value which it's writen.

I want to write 0x00 but when I read the data, I read 0x3F.


It's the same for the DATA_FORMAT. I want to write 0x07 and after I can't read my value.

After this operation I always read 0xFF even on the DEVICE_ID register.


I checked my data rate (I tried 5MHz to 500kHz) but i can't find the problem.

It's not a connectivity porblem because I checked all my board.


What can explain this behaviour and how can I solve this?


Thank you for your help.