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"Add" Features Does Not Simulate in Sigma Studio

Question asked by freemanc on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by freemanc

Hi Everyone,


I'm using the Stimulus and Probe blocks in simulating the behavior of the ADAU1772.  All works fine until I try and split part of the signal with the T Connection 1772 and then after some filters, sum the 2 signals with the Add block.  Then, no matter what I do with the filter parameters, the probe plot stays the same.  I have tested a schematic with the T Connection and no Add block (just sent each signal to a different output) and the plot changes with a change in filter specification.  So it appears to be the Add block causing the problem.  Unfortunately I need to simulate the overall filter behavior with multiple signals added together.  How do I get the Add block to work with the Stimulus and Probe?


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