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Programming device configuration

Question asked by jgmick on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by NevadaMark

I need to change the sensitivity settings on an ADIS16364 and having a problem with the protocol to do so.


From the DEVICE CONFIGURATION paragraph on pg 9 it appears that a single SPI write cycle will write

1 byte to the specified configuration register, implying that 2 SPI cycles are necessary to update the

register.  Looking at the DYNAMIC RANGE paragraph on pg 13 and using the cited example to change the

range to 150 Deg./Sec. the example shows a single SPI cycle with DIN = 0xB902.  I believe that will perform a write

to register 0x39 with a value of 0x02 which will result in an update of bits [2:0) for filter taps but will NOT update

bits [8:15] for the new rate of 150 Deg./Sec.  To my mind the correct sequence would be to execute a SPI cycle

with DOUT = 0xB902 which will change the filter tap setting , then execute a 2nd SPI cycle with DOUT = 0xB802

which will change the rate to 150 Deg./Sec.


I used these values to illustrate my confusion.  What I actually need to do is change the rate to 75 DEg./Sec.  That

will then require 2 write cycles with DOUT = 0xB901 and 0XB804.


Question: Is my interpretation correct or do I not understand the protocol?

Question: If my interpretation is correct, is there a recommended order for updating the register for LS byte

first or MS byte first?

Question: If my interpretation is correct are 0xB901 and 0xB804 correct to set a rate of 75 Deg./Sec or if my

interpretation is incorrect what is/are the value(s) to send for a rate of 75 Deg./Sec?