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How to design the matching network of ADL5324 and ADL5523

Question asked by Chris_Paul on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Jim


I am trying to design the tuning the ADL5324 and ADL5523, here is my problem.

Question 1. The Power Amplifier ADL5324 Evaluation Board's default frequency is 2110 MHz - 2170 MHz. But I want it to work at frequency of 3100 MHz - 3400 MHz. Is it possible to simulate the matching network in ADS?  Like the picture shows.ADL5324.jpg

The simulation result seems different from the datasheet. Or maybe I could only modify the component on the board directly?


Question 2. I also want the LNA ADL5523 evaluation board to work at frequency of 3100 MHz to 3400 MHz. As it is a LNA, we want to tune it for optimal noise figure.  But it seems impossible to simulate it in ADS because I looked the SNP file and there is no data about Noise Figure, Fmin, GAMMA OPT. Could anyone tell me how to design the matching network?


Any advice would be apprciate.

Thank you!