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How to design the matching network of ADL5324 and ADL5523

Question asked by Chris_Paul on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Jim

Question 1. The Power Amplifier ADL5324 Evaluation Board's default frequency is 2110 MHz - 2170 MHz. But I want it to work at frequency of 3100 MHz - 3400 MHz. Is it possible to simulate the matching network in ADS?  Like the picture shows.ADL5324.jpg

The simulation result seems different from the datasheet. Or maybe I could only modify the component on the board directly?


Question 2. I also want the LNA ADL5523 evaluation board to work at frequency of 3100 MHz to 3400 MHz. As it is a LNA, we want to tune it for optimal noise figure.  But it seems impossible to simulate it in ADS because I looked the SNP file and there is no data about Noise Figure, Fmin, GAMMA OPT. Could anyone tell me how to design the matching network?