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SDO issue with ADG1414

Question asked by franck.safont on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by franck.safont

Hi everyone,


I'm testing a single ADG1414 in order to later implement several ADG1414 daisy chained.

The switch is supplied with +/-15V, the VL pin with 3.3V, the SDO pin is pulled up to 3.3V with a 1kOhm res.


I'm having an issue with the final state of the SDO pin. When i send 16bits to the SDI pin, I manage to configure correctly all the switches, and I collect correctly the remaining 8 bits that could serve to configure a second ADG1414.

However, the final state of the SDO pin depends on the first bit that is transmitted on the pin.

If "1xxxxxxx" is read on SDO, the line is high after the byte, and the consumption is normal,

If "0xxxxxxx" is read on SDO, the line is low, and this causes a additionnal consumption of the 1k pull up.


Does anyone have encountered this issue?

How can I manage to get the SDO line high regardless of the byte that is sent on the pin?