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Debug error in ADuC7020/7026: Unable to halt ARM core

Question asked by Sapna on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by MMA


I am using ADuC7020 and ADuC7026 for my project.While using the 7020 and 7026 evaluation board and Keil UVision 3 and 4, I always encounter the error: Unable to halt ARM core.

I have tried resetting the core using the reset switch on the evaluation board.Also tried changing the reset strategies provided in Keil-->Options--> debug--> settings.

I was using the mIDAS Link to debug with Keil UVision 3 and changed settings to JLink when using Keil UVision 4.

I tried using the command rx0 in JLink ARM V4.081.

None of the options I tried gave a satisfactory solution.


Expecting an early reply.