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How to fix/reduce installation error for adis16480

Question asked by tod.lee on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by tod.lee

Hi there,

I'm testing adis16480 and eval-adis board. I have two questions for now,

1. in the doc "ADIS1648x-MechDesignTips-02.pdf", it says we should use pass-through holes with diameter larger than 2.85mm to mount adis16480. But the eval-adis is using tapped holes to mount adis16480. I'm confused.

2. I'm using adis16480 as a vertical gyro. My understanding is I should make sure that X-axis and Y-axis of adis16480 is parallel to mechanical roll axis and pitch axis separately. It's very difficult because I'm going to encapsulate the PCB and adis16480 with A cover. Is my understanding correct and if so, any advice for me? If the X-axis (Y-axis) is not required to parallel with roll axis (pitch axis) strictly, is there some way to measue this error and compensate it?


I really appreciate your quick response.