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71056 vs 7757

Question asked by hds_mh on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by dlath

Whats the actually design for the 71056: The datasheet with r/c values 200Ohm/0,1uF or the an-679 applikation note, including 499Ohm/0,068uF r/c lowpass?


Is it possible to perform a difference potential about nearly 230Vac/2 between AGND and GND?


I want to add the 71056 into my given design - included a symmetrical zero-crossing-unut. So my given GND(for digital) is rised up to 230Vac/2 - 4.7V

Here the serial connented devices of the ZeroCrossingDetection between L/N = 230Vac:


L~ -[R100K]--[R100K]--GND--ZD4.7-antiparallel-ZD4.7--VzeroCross--[R100K]--[R100K]--N~


And the shunt-gnd  (AGND) is connected to L~