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Question asked by KGD on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by GuenterL



Address 0x96, 0x97

After having initialized it in 0x00, I did read the value.

Is it possible  about the value that it become other than 0x00?

(a value may be changed in a timing to read an interrupt in being a register of detected.)


Address 0x94, 0x95

I detect an interrupt even if I set an initial value in 0x00(interrupt disabled).

A read value of address 0x96 was 0xC0.

Is there setting necessary to prohibit an interrupt elsewhere?

I detect an interrupt but I do not anything, is there the problem?

(it is necessary to make setting of "no interrupt detected")


Address 0xC5

Whether, in "Fixed" item, a reading level can change

For example, the cases that register setting and pin processing got a wrong.


Thank you.