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Sigmastudio projects and intellectual property

Question asked by Vincent-Delhalle on May 19, 2014
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I'm currently working on Sigmastudio project for audio signal processing for a product.


This signal processing, will be later transmitted to an third party factory who will work out the hardware and software integration of the DSP and the code in a MCU. This factory will need export from my sigmastudio project such as projectfiles.dat and projectfile.param or the full set of projectfile.h for MCU source code integration.


My questions are :


- From the export I provide to the factory, are they able to reverse engineering my SigmaStudio project ?

- Do this depends on the kind of export (*.h or *.dat  files) I give to factory?

- If yes, how can I protect the intellectual property of my projects in a technical way (aside from the non disclosure agreements or any other juridical contracts)?



Thanks for helping