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RTC driver on BF609-EZKIT

Question asked by hichem on May 19, 2014
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I'm using the blackfin-buildroot-2012R2-RC5, and I'm trying to activate the RTC driver for the BF609-EZKIT.

I have tried to activate options as mentioned in this link:

but I have received this error while compiling the kernel: "buildroot_path/linux/linux-kernel/arch/blackfin/kernel/time-ts.c: 367: error: implicit declaration of function 'bfin_read_RTC_STAT' ". I didn't finc any RTC declared function in "buildroot_path/linux/linux-kernel/arch/blackfin/mach-bf609/include/mach/cdefBF60x_base.h".


I have tried to execute the rtc example in testsuites and I have the same error.


Please how to use the RTC driver with BF609-EZKIT palteform?


Thanks in advance.