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adc_capture() can't write rx data to ddr

Question asked by lsding on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by Quamstar

I use zedboard and ad-fmcomms3-ebz eval board,running vivado reference design and no-os-soft from adi web.

We can successfully run capture.bat and get the data in rx.csv file.

We want to investigate the data in DDR by running another non-os program including adc_capture ( ) in debug mode.

But there are no change for the data in DDR after running the program. That means the data was not captured successfully.

We check the hardware. The modulated signal is continuously transmitted in the Tx port.

What is the difference between adc_capture ( ) in  capture.bat (in Script directory) and non-os program (in src directory)?

Or how to  investigate the captured data in DDR in the debug mode? Or how to get the source code of capture.bat?