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Severe Problems after installing Update 8

Question asked by gpetrowitsch on Aug 16, 2010
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I installed Update 8 of Visual DSP++ 5.0. Now I can't work anymore.

1) Single stepping with F11 through assembly code takes 10 times

longer (about 5 seconds per instruction).

2) Something was done ont he _cplb_init function - it doesn't return

anymore and when I halt execution I get a message like

Core fault detected before halt at address: 
  0xFFA005A4.  Attempting to reset processor

and sometines additionally

Warning: Address 0x10000000 does not exist in the memory map.


I didn't change anything in my code. After startup of the newly installed

update, it said, that some of the generated files had to be updated. I clicked

OK on these dialogues (which was no problem with previous updates).


I also had a problem with ctype.h, but maybe that's just a minor thing:

there was a syntax error reported on this construct in line 38


  int isascii(int _c);
  int toascii(int _c);

  #define isascii(c) (!(((int)c)&(~0x7f)))
  #define toascii(c) (((int)c)&0x7f)


I changed it to


//  int isascii(int _c);
//  int toascii(int _c);
#undef isascii(c)
#undef toascii(c)
  #define isascii(c) (!(((int)c)&(~0x7f)))
  #define toascii(c) (((int)c)&0x7f)