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ADP 5052 Power On

Question asked by on May 19, 2014
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I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies n Israel.


Ohm power, one of my customers, has a question regarding to ADP5052.

They are using channel 2 as 3.3V(1.5A) with the following parameters:

current limit 2.63A.

output choke 4.7uH and two ceramic X7R cap of 22uF.

input power of 5.4V.

sync frequency of 500kHz.


They used this channel with constant current electronic load (EL).


They saw that if the EL at 1.5A start loading at 1V, the 3.3V channel does'nt rise monotonically as we can see at
the attached pic (green signal).


They also try to power on the channel at 1.7A, the channel will not able to power on at all and will continue hick up until the load will release.

They tried to increase current limit but without success.


If the electronic load will start loading at 2.2V, the problems is solve.


Appreciate if you can advise what is a reason for unable power on in described conditions?