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ADAU1442 Only works if S/PDIF to I2S output is enabled

Question asked by Olombo on May 18, 2014
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now that PCB and everything if finished and working I am stuck with a Software Problem.


For the test setup I have a I2S input on Serial in 3 as slave to clock domain 0. This is want to put trough ASRC, DSP out at any of the 9 Serial outs as I2S again. Additionally MP9 shall switch if Level is detected.


Basically Level detection works and MP9 switched accordingly. BUT there is not data given out! However, if I change "Enable S/PDIF to I2S Output" "Group1 enable" in DSP Register Modes 3; then data output works as it should. Unfortunately the MP9 is then disabled.


The Problem seems a bit weird to me since I do not see the connection between working I2S ind&out and this setting. I just found this as I clicked depressed through all possible registers...


I attach screenshots; maybe someone has an Idea?





The serial IO; All input to CLK domain 0 and outputs with 48kHz Master Clock



Routing; Input 3 to ASRC. Out to e.g. Serial out 0 from DSP out 0

Routing MAtrix.PNG


Ouf...maybe I something wrong?





The schematic....depending on the mentioned parameter every part works but the other not at the same time.



Hope someone has an Idea why I must enable this SPDIF to I2S thing so that I2S in and out works (what has NOTHING to do with spdif; not even anything connected there...)