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How to deal with these two errors in CCES?

Question asked by liangbread on May 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by JJoseph

Hi everyone,

    I have built an application for 21488 by imitating the sigma studio application for 21489.The modification I take is to correct the “ldf” file to fit with the 3Mbit on chip ram of 21488,as well as the 10 memory arrays for sigma studio decreased greatly.And the application for 21488 works well with sigma studio all the time.Also,the ldf file and the 10 arrays are the only two changes for my application for 21488,without changing the processor type to ADSP21488 in the"Processor setting" of "Project properties",as well as the "debug configuration".Because I consider the only difference between 21489 and 21488 is the on chip ram space.I'm now getting into two strange errors in CCES.The description about the two errors are followed.


    Here is the screenshot of the first error infromation:


     And it is caused when I push the "Reset and reload the program(s)" button in the Debug window of CCES.At the same time impulse impact are detected  in my VDD_INT pin.Moreover,there is ripple wave of my VDD_INT pin,of which,the peak value is up to 100mV(0.1V).So I consider this error is caused by the unstable input power.Isn't it?


    Moving on to the second error,I am quite interested in the error.

     Here is the screenshot of the second error infromation:


    The error caused just after I enable the "level detector" module or get "MIPS value" frequently.The same point for the two actions to cause the core collapsion is reading back information from the sharc processor.In addition,this error occurs in CCES fact,I have question about this problem in my last discussion,as you can see here:

     I got suggested to compile my application project with CCES,after following it,this error seems not to occurs again. I ought to rely my observation there,but every time I submit my reply it just fails.

     Here I just want to know what is the reason causes the "adi_osal_Init_failure"?And how can I avoid it or resolve it?


Best Regards,