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AD-FMCOMMS2-EB and ZC702 Board

Question asked by Raveendra on May 17, 2014
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Now i am using individual ZC702 eval and AD9361 eval board for testing, I am working on to customize two boards in to one board for my application.

during development i found the DDR3 which is used in ZC702 is obsolete and i want to select new DDR3 which is having same features and size (1GB) and i am using rest of circuit same as ZC702 Evaluation board. If use change the DDR3 part in my design what will be impact on API drivers and related files which is available in Wiki analog site. what we need to change if i use No-OS drivers or linux pre build image.

Can i use same image (linux image_8gb) which is in wiki, even though if i change DDR3, will it work straightaway with out any changes?


Please guide still any thing i need to take care to do my customize board with zynq by using same API drivers provided by Analog.


Thanks in advance.