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AD9834 digitally distorited output Sine Wave

Question asked by Jdo300 on Aug 14, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by AndyR

Hello All,


I have designed a built a dual-channel DDS function generator board using two AD9834 ICs to produce the channel output waveforms. So far my REV A board has been functional in terms of communicating with the DDS ICs and modifying the frequency, phase, and toggling between sine/triangle output.


My problem is that when the IC is outputing the sine wave or triangle wave, it looks extremely distorted as if the internal SIN ROM was misprogrammed. I attached a scope shot showing the output waveform for reference along with the portion of my schematic showing the DDS and output filter). Has anyone ever seen this anomaly before?


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Jason Owens

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