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ADXL375 & MEMS capacitive sensor.

Question asked by on May 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by venkat

Hi every one....

We are new to using the Accelerometer & Accelerometer technology.  In one of our applications older versions people were using pizoelectric / piezo resitive based accelerometers. However we understand Mems based capacitive accelerometers is the latest & cost effective technology and want to provide them in the newer versions of the application. So our question is as follows.


1. Why are MEMS capacitve accelerometers better than piezoelectirc/piezoresistive or mems based piezoelectic /piezoresistive accelerometer. If there is any comparision statment by ADI pl. kindly provide. I have google'd it but unable to find a convincing answer.




Agni Teja