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ADC drive amplifier with over voltage limit/clamp feature

Question asked by ricky on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by jperalta

Hi All,


One of my customers chooses AD9681 8ch 14bit 125MSPS ADC for his new design.

Application is high-speed camera.

Single ended image sensor output signal is fed to ADC drive amplifier and connects to AD9681.

He is now looking for suitable ADC driver amplifier.

Characteristics of image sensor output signal are as follows;

1)    Voltage amplitude: 0 to 3.0V max

2)    Amplitude to be digitized: 0.7V to 1.95V

3)    Bandwidth: 81MHz

4)    Output impedance: around 700ohm

5)    Allowable load: >1kohm, <5pF


ADC drive amplifier should have single to differential, and output voltage limit (or input voltage limit features.

I think one of candidate is AD8351, but need to add voltage clamp feature externally.

Could you advice me the suitable drive amplifier and suitable clamp circuit if need be added externally?


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