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No OS ZC702 problem with _XPARAMETERS_PS_H_

Question asked by numismaster on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by numismaster

I am developing with the No OS system on the ZC702 board with a AD9361 FMCOMMS2 eval board from Analog Devices. I am trying to get the project set up in SDK. Have a look at the attached file. Here you can see that I have added the following line to the file: platform.c

                    #include <xparameters_ps.h>   // added by kpm


This includes _XPARAMETERS_PS_H_ but, you can see in the rest of the files that this parameter is "greyed out". And I can verify that it is greyed out in other places as well. So I dont know why this is happening but it is causing the SPI port read and writes between the ZC702 and the AD9361 to not work. The code seems to be running through some greyed out areas in this lower level code.?! (which is bizarre).


Also there is a question mark (see the attached file) that gives the error message: unresolved inclusion: <xspi.h>  and it underlines this code with a red line to show us that it is a big problem. Yet, the system compiles and builds to the finish. However, SPI does not work as I mentioned above.