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Not getting VIC from ADV7511

Question asked by maheshfirke on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by GuenterL

I am using Virtex7 FPGA loaded with RGB generator and this RGB output is connected to ADV7511.

I have Pixel Display Pipeline(PDP) to generate RGB data. The PDP also generated the hsync.vsync and DE.

I am trying for resolution 720P at 60 Hz. The output of PDP is 24bit RGB 4:4:4


I can see the HPD and monitor sense high. I2c Iface is working properly. I can power up the chip completely. But i don't see the proper VIC detected. Also no picture on monitor.

The PLL is locked.


RGB connections to ADV7511

HDMI_D35 to HDMI_D28 <= RED(7 downto 0)

HDMI_D27 to HDMI_D24 <= tied_low(3 downto 0)

HDMI_D23 to HDMI_D16 <= GREEN(7 downto 0)

HDMI_D15 to HDMI_D12 <= tied_low(3 downto 0)

HDMI_D11 to HDMI_D4  <= BLUE(7 downto 0)

HDMI_D3  to HDMI_D0  <= tied_low(3 downto 0)


CLK is set at 74 MHz.


Pasted below is the hardware log, along with my comments.

--Try to read Read-only register of chip to check if I2C iface is working.

%I2C_Read 0x7B 0xF5


%I2C_Read 0x7B 0xF6


--Ok. Both registers read correct value. Assume I2c iface is working.



--Now, check status of the HPD and Monitor Sense

%I2C_Read 0x7B 0x42


--so both HPD and monitor sense are high.


--Power up the device.

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x41 0x10

%I2C_Read 0x7B 0x41


--Device is fully powered up


--Write to fixed registers

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x98 0x03

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x9A 0xE0

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x9C 0x30

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x9D 0x61

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0xA2 0xA4

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0xA3 0xA4

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0xE0 0xD0

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0xF9 0x00


--Disable I2S

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x0C 0x80


--Select input video format

--24bit RGB 4:4:4 with separate syncs

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x15 0x00


--Select Colour Depth and output format

-- colour depth = 8 bit

-- output format 4:4:4

%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x16 0x30


-- Select Aspect Ratio


%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x17 0x02


--Select Picture Aspect Ratio


%I2C_Write 0x7A 0x56 0x2A


--Select HDMI/DVI Mode


%I2C_Write 0x7A 0xAF 0x16



--Now read the VIC

%I2C_Read 0x7B 0x3E


--VIC is not detected???


--Check PLL lock

%I2C_Read 0x7B 0x9E


--Yes, it is locked.