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blank desktop(gnome not working) after booting linaro on zedboard (adv7511 only bit file)

Question asked by ali786 on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 24, 2014 by ali786

hi every1,

i ve been trying to get linux ubuntu linaro distribution working on my zedboard...i ve followed all the right steps including making:




then making a unified BOOT.bin

all this is loaded into a fat32 partition

then making a kernel image by the name of uimage

then making a device tree from zynq-zed-adv7511.dts

then downloading the latest linaro distribution the extracting it on a ext4 linux partition

when i boot the board....the tests pass fine and the kernel is loaded succesfully and linux rootfs seems to be working fine

i get the final message of root@linaro-linux-desktop

after that i see 02 penguins in the top right corner of my hdmi monitor and then a cursor starts blinking and nothing happens

i change the terminal by pressing alt+F1...this terminal belongs to root user....while the linux seems to be working fine...and all the linux command line interface seamlessly works through out the use but whenver i try to run a gnome application like a game or a UI based gives the error....cannot open display...???

pressing ALT+F7 displays a cursor in the top right corner and nothing happens no matter how long i wait

please provide assistance...i ve been stuck for a long while now

best regards