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Offset/full scale register

Question asked by vin47 on May 15, 2014
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I found AD7793 used in a particular application had a initialization where all the registers (Mode, configuration,IO register,Full scale and offset register) were set to a defined value which was provided in the EEPROM of that device.

Mode register will be set to "idle mode" during initialization and later chaged to single conversion mode when the conversion begins.

Config register is set with a particular gain and channel 1 which remains unaltered.

All the other regsiters are set with a value during the initialization which remains unaltered.


I am using AD7794 ADC for conversion of data. How can I initialize the offset register and Full scale register?

I have tried extracting the value in the offset and Full scale register by performing system and internal zero scale calibration and full scale calibration.


Please let me know if there is any other process to be followed to initialize/set the offset and Full scale registers.


Thanks in advance.