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ADAS3023 Evaluation Software

Question asked by chrigu on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by jcolao

I have some questions/remarks about the ADAS3023 Evaluation Software.

Today I received the EVAL-ADAS3023EDZ board together with EVAL-CED1Z. I made the setup as described. In addition, I grounded the DIG1 Signal (P21) and grounded the COM (P31). I connected a potentiometer to INO_I with a range of -5V to 5V.

Next, I started the ADAS3023 Evaluation Software (Version 2.0). The results look very strange; this is why I start this discussion.

My questions/remarks (please have a look to the screenshot):

  1. In the section “Waveform Analysis”, the minimum value is 32270 which must be a positive voltage since the output format is 16Bit two’s complement. Similar the maximum value 40739 which should result in a negative value. Do I understand something wrong?
  2. The waveforms show a strange behavior. Only every third sample is correct, while IN2 and IN4 show the “missing samples”. It seems that the channels are messed up? (The potentiometer is set to a value of around 1.25Volts)
  3. Unfortunately, the user can’t influence the function of Busy/SDO2 output.

Thank you very much.

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