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ADV8005 4k30 TTL input simple setup

Question asked by NotKenny on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by DaveD

I have a custom board with an ADV8005 and am currently trying to drive 4k30 out the HDMI TX1.  I am just trying to prove out the hardware at this point so simple is best.  I have put the VSPs in bypass (MODE 9) and am trying to pass 4k30 that is being driven from an FPGA to the ADV8005 on the 48 pin TTL input (interleaved 24bit buses @ 148.5MHz) and get it to drive out the HDMI TX 1.  I can see that HPD is active and that the TMDS clock termination is present (0xEC42: 0xE0) but I cannot get the HDMI TX to come out of power down. This seems simple enough since I am bypassing all of the VSP complexity but no luck.  From a fresh hardware external reset I run the script below to set everything up.  Based on the HW guide I am bypassing the VSPs so I should not have to enable the FFS VIM or VOM components or setup any of their video modes.  Can someone tell me what I am missing?  (Note my i2c address is 0x18>>1 = 0x0c)


4k30 timing

HPW 88

HBP 296

HFP 176



# VSP disables and HDMI selects

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0xe829 0x80   # bypass pvsp

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0xe649 0x80   # bypass svsp

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0xe84d 0x20   # game mode

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1a03 0x00   # TX1 and TX2 select to Primary input

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1a04 0x00   # HD and SD encoder select to Primary input

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1a05 0x00   # pvsp and svsp encoder select to Primary input


#enable input pins for 48 bit bus pix_pins[35:0] osd_in[11-0]

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BC8 0x2F   # vid_clk pix_pin 35-32

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BC9 0xFF   # pix_pin 31-24

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BCA 0xFF   # pix_pin 23-16

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BCB 0xFF   # pix_pin 15-8

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BCC 0xFF   # pix_pin 7-0


./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BCE 0x0F   # osd_pin 11-8

./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BCF 0xFF   # osd_pin 7-0


./i2c16Write 2 0x0C 0x1BD0 0xF0   # HS, VS, DE, SFL


# Input Settings

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1A07 0x82   # disable rx input processing and set to 48 bit bus

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1A00 0x70   # input is 4k 30Hz (this value of 112 is from software api)

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1B48 0x0D   # input is 2x24 bit interleaved buses(could be 0x0E for 4:2:2)

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0x1B8A 0x03   # bypass updither


# HDMI TX setup

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0xEC41 0x10   # power up

./i2c16Write 2 0x0c 0xEC41 0x10   # power up


Any Help would be appreciated.