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Possible bug in SigmaStudio 3.10.4

Question asked by ssanchez on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by gr4eme

Hello all,

Today I was trying to create hierarchy blocks in SigmaStudio latest 32bit release (using Windows XP).

The problem is this:

- Open an existing design.

- Add a Hiearchy Bboard from the schematic design toolbox

- Right-click on the new item and go to File->Load board.

- Select an existing .dspbrd design.

- After this, the board is correctly added but I loose the mouse cursor over the entire SigmaStudio window.


If (using hotkeys for example) I save the project, close the program and re-open it, all is perfect, the module has been correctly loaded, etc.


This happens consistently in my PC. Can any of you check whether this happens in other machines and if it is a bug, solve it?