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Help to clarify the SPI slave description about the SPI_TWC on bf609 HRM

Question asked by dell-jin Employee on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by dell-jin

Dear all:

          On the page 1518 of bf60x HRM, it gives the flow of "Configuring DMA Slave Mode Operation", the step e describes as below:

"As long as there is room in the transmit FIFO, the SPI slave continues to request a DMA read from memory. The DMA engine continues to read a word from memory and write to the transmit FIFO until the  SPI_TWC register value counts down  to 0. The SPI slave continues transmitting words on active  SPI_CLK edges as long as the SPI_SS  input is active"

          but on the page 1531, it sayes "The SPI_TXCTL.TWCEN bit is valid only when the SPI is a master."

          they are conflicting in the description, one of our customers encountered the problem while using DMA in slave mode. could you help to clarify it ?  thanks