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ADSP-21489 sport receive buffer(RXSPxA) overwrite

Question asked by ItamarEliyahu on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by MaheshN


I am programming 2 sport channel as SPI.

sport0A MOSI and sport1A MISO.

FS0A -> FS1A


SPORT0A ddata -> MOSI

SPORT1A data -> MISO


When i write to sport0 transmitter , sport1a receiver get some data( probably the data i sent) and DXS_A1  register become partially full.

in the next write  DXS_A1  register become full.

when i want to  read ( send some reading address to via SPI) - i sent the address but read wrong data - it seems because i didnt clear sport1 receive buffer (RXSP1A ) ,


the process works well in 2 options

1- when i read sport 1 receive reg  RXSP1A after each write.

2- when i Disable sport1 each write and enable it just when reading.


do i have any option to clear RXSP1A or overwrite the data while write?