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AD9361 Crystal Drive Level Requirements

Question asked by araymond on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by tlili

Hello Tomas,

Can you please provide the following information:


1 - Recommended external crystal maximum drive level capability.

2 - Definition of "load capacitance" in the following statement extracted from the 9361 reference manual: "The crystal must be an AT cut fundamental mode of vibration with a load capacitance of 10 pF"

2a - Is it the Xtal pin-to-pin capacitance (Co) ? Or does it also include (in parallel with Co) the AD9361 capacitance to ground at the in and out of the AD9361 xtal amplifier.


If the information above cannot be provided, would it be possible to recommend a Xtal part number which can operate from -40 to +85C while meeting the SSB phase noise requirements of the AD9361.

Thank you,

Alex -