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ADL5380-EVALZ DC IF Problem

Question asked by rhender on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Ryan_Curran


I'm having problems getting DC from the IF output of the ADL5380-EVALZ board.


The application is a phase comparator. So I'm expecting to see a DC offset on the I and Q IF outputs which relates to the phase difference between the LO and RF signals. Right now I see about 0.2 mV on those outputs - with ENBL pulled low.

Can anyone confirm that the IF outputs are DC coupled on the ADL5380?


Also an up to date schematic and layout for the EVALZ board would help. The board I have doesn't quite match what is shown in the ADL5380 datasheet. The datasheet shows single ended outputs, whereas the PCB I have looks to have removed those outputs and used the QP and IP for that purpose.


Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.